Wyebrook Missionary Baptist Church


Paul said in Philippians, I give thanks for every remembrance of you. 
I have nothing but good memories of all our dear friends at Wyebrook Baptist Church for 31 1/2 years.
The happiest years of my life were spent in fellowship and serving the Lord together with our friends at Wyebrook.  Wyebrook has always exercised faith for the unseen. The Bible says God has enlarged our hearts. The church has always had a large heart for the work of the Lord.
Thank you Wyebrook for your faithfulness to Verona and I over the years.
Thank you Pastor Perry Stewart for your loyalty to me when you were my associate for 13 years, and now for your faithfulness to Wyebrook as the pastor. 
God Bless each dear member of Wyebrook Baptist is my prayer.
Love in Christ
Pastor E.F. Murphy