Wyebrook Missionary Baptist Church

December, 2018


Dear Wyebrook Church,


What a blessing our Thanksgiving service was as we heard children, youth and adults share words of Thanksgiving to God for his goodness to them this past year! Each time we have this service I, as well as all who attend, are greatly encouraged.


As every December there is much going on and much of it is in the beginning of the month so check out the tri-fold information paper in your bulletin so you get the dates and times correct.


One thing of all the things going on I wanted to mention was Sunday, December 16 at the 11 AM service the choir and children will be singing “Take me back to Bethlehem.” This is a first for Wyebrook to enjoy the power point video as the choir and children sing. This is really “awesome.” God is not only glorified in song but on the screen as well. I guarantee you will be blessed and as you invite others they will be blessed also! Sister Dianne Messner and the choir and children have worked diligently to prepare for this heart touching event. Invite your friends and family! Please don’t forget Saturday, December 15 9:30 AM is the final practice before the program.


Something that has concerned me of late is our financial giving to our missionaries. The monthly offering for missions the last few months has been more down than up. (The mission offering for 7 of the last 10 months have been below what we need.) We need $1,350.00 to give to the 18 missionaries we support every month. I would like to ask you to consider giving a one-time Christmas offering to our missionaries to build the account up because we have spent much of our reserve in the mission account. Certainly, we encourage you to continue to be faithful all year long to our missionaries and hope that you will begin to contribute regularly or continue giving as God has prompted you to give. We only give our missionaries what you give, we do not take out of the general fund to give to them. In reality if funds do not come in for our missionaries we will have to drop one or two or reduce the amount each receive. I don’t want this to happen and I don’t think you do either. Just mark your envelope and 100% will go into the mission fund. Please do not take your tithes to give to missions. This offering is a one-time gift to missions. Thank you ahead of time.


Have a blessed Christmas and Great New Year.


Praising, yet dependent upon the Master,


Pastor Perry