Wyebrook Missionary Baptist Church

May, 2018


Dear Saints of God at Wyebrook,


I believe spring has finally sprung. Isn’t it great to see the flowers and trees blooming? The beauty of the season is a great reminder to us of God’s faithfulness and creation. Many of you have even mowed a time or two! I’m okay with that. Thank God for spring!


My hope is you enjoyed “Downin Lane” as much as I did. They will be coming back to sing again in the not too far future. I wanted to say thanks again for the help everyone provided for our luncheon last Sunday. It blesses my heart to see how well everyone works together to get the job done.


My prayer is during this month of May you will join together to pray with and for one another daily as we choose partners and have our Pray in May month. Whether you pray on the phone, in person or however you want to pray just do it! Amen? Amen! (So be it)


Special days of prayer are in the bulletin. Please plan on joining us if possible for The National Day of Prayer this coming Thursday, May 3rd here at the church at 11:00 a.m. for a time of prayer. Afterward we will get a bite of lunch at September Farms.


We are reminded in Psalm 86:6 “Give ear, O Lord, unto my prayer; and attend to the voice of my supplications.” God will hear but we must call!      


As simple as that sounds prayer is not something that we just think about or talk about. Prayer is a discipline we must do. What and who are you planning to pray with? Are you going to step up to the plate and swing the bat of prayer? No runs are scored in prayer unless there are times of calling out to God. Yes, folks we NEED to pray. Enough preaching, let’s work together and pray.


There is a tremendous amount of things going on this special month of May. Please take the time to check out the tri-fold and mark your calendars so you can be a part of all that is going on!


Please keep in mind our gym floor as you pray and ask the Lord what you might give over and above your tithe and mission giving. We have just set up a fund for the gym floor some folks are beginning to give. Thank you ahead of time.


Dependent upon the Master and praying for wisdom,


Pastor Perry