Wyebrook Missionary Baptist Church

November, 2018


Dear Faithful Believers of Wyebrook,


A special thanks to all who helped us with the Edsel Hamm funeral. Thank God for special people like Edsel who stayed with Wyebrook for many years. Again, thank you to all who faithfully help out when special needs like this arise.


Awana and teen group are going very well and we are looking and working with eyes of faith to reach out further into our community.


We are planning to rent a van to pick up more children in local mobile home parks as the bus is often full or very close to full just from Indian Run Park alone. The issue is we need a driver and an adult to keep things in order on the van. Would you be interested in helping out? You do not need a CDL to drive the van. Anyone with a valid license can drive. At this time with the help of two extra people we can do this. Please let me know as soon as possible if you can help out. This will be an every Wednesday event and we need you to be a member of the church and have a Child Abuse History clearance done.


Our after school Bible club is off to a good start. We had 25 K – 4th graders last Thursday. We could use an extra adult as we are looking for more children to come to the club. This takes place at Honey Brook Elementary Learning Center on Thursdays from 3:45 – 4:45 in the gym. My hope is we can see some of these children’s families come out to Wyebrook and trust Christ. Please pray to that end. A Child Abuse History clearance is required. I am looking for adults to help keep the children in line. No teaching is required. If you have a love for children we need you. There is paper work required from Child Evangelism Fellowship. Please let me know as soon as possible soon we can include you. You will be off when the children have no school.


Often times as we see growth in our church it means the famous 4 letter word – WORK. We are reminded in scripture in Ephesians 4:12 about the work of the ministry. It is never easy but those children/teens we reach today will be the church of tomorrow. We have a great opportunity. We need to work together to do the work of the ministry.


Continuing to be dependent upon the Master,


Pastor Perry